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Boat Rentals and Boat Clubs

Boat Rentals and Boat Clubs offer access to the boating lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of owning and maintaining a boat. Boat Clubs - Offer more of a long term solution for people who will want frequent access to a fleet of boats. Many clubs offer unlimited access to their entire fleet, which gives members the ability to choose what style of boat will meet their needs for a particular reservation day. The benefits of a Boat Club is that it is the closest to owning a boat with out the ongoing maintenance and storage fees. Boat Rentals - Renting a boat is a great option for people who are on vacation and simply want to enjoy the water in that location while visiting. Rental Boats are probably the least expensive and quickest way to get out on the water for a day of boating.

Freedom Boat Club

Offering the Boating Lifestyle Without the Never Ending Expense of Boat Ownership. Conveniently located in Lewes and at Paradise Grill in Long Neck.

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