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Freedom Boat Club

Offering the Boating Lifestyle Without the Never Ending Expense of Boat Ownership. Conveniently located in Lewes and at Paradise Grill in Long Neck.

Freedom Boat Club
Primary Location
909 Pilottown Rd
Lewes, DE 19958
2 Locations >
Freedom Boat Club
34026 Annas Way, Ste. 1
Long Neck, DE 19966
< 2 Locations
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Delaware's Hassle Free Boat Club

At the Freedom Boat Club we offer you an amazing boating experience without the never ending expense of boat ownership.  Your time on the water with our hassle-free boat club lets your friends and family enjoy countless boating opportunities.  Our two locations in Lewes and Long Neck Delaware offer great access to fishing, family cruising, dock to dining and sandbar lounging.  With easy access to the ocean as well as Delaware, Rehoboth and Indian River Bays you will never run out of things to do at one of the top Freedom Boat Club Locations.

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